How to Choose the Best Fishing Rod

using fishing rod

Buying the right fishing rod for yourself is not an easy task. Visit any fishing rod dealer, and you will be overwhelmed by the numerous options available. You become confused on what aspect you will use to decide which fishing rod is the best for you.

Successful fishing does not come easy. It would be best if you had skills, knowledge, patience, and above all, the right fishing gear. You have to buy from reliable sellers to get the best equipment.

Choosing the best fishing rod narrows down to the angler’s preference. You can select a rod that perfectly fits into your hands and feels that you can use it with a lot of ease. Other considerations include:


length of fishing rod mattersA shorter rod can be a great option when compared to longer rods. This is because it is difficult to steadily set up a longer rod, especially if you are not an experienced angler. It is also difficult to transport longer rods as they can be easily damaged while being carried or even when in use.

On top of that, they become more tiring, especially if you are lucky to catch a big fish. Its extended fulcrum gives the fish more room to fight, making it a tiresome experience.


The two most common materials used in the manufacturing of fishing rods are graphite and fiberglass. Other rods are made by combining the two elements. Experienced anglers prefer graphite rods because of the rigidity the rods possess. Graphite rods are also much more accurate, making catching fish a lot easier. However, these rods can easily break when subjected to too much pressure.

Fiberglass is the firm material of the two. Fiberglass rods are stronger than the graphite ones, but unfortunately, this makes them heavier. If you are a newbie fisherman, then fiberglass is the right material for you. Fiberglass rods do not require a lot of maintenance and are much more durable. Because of their strength, they are the best rods for catching bigger fish like pike.


action of the fishing rodAction refers to where along with the fishing blank, a bend will occur. Fishing rods are either slow, medium, or fast action. Slow action rods mean that the rod can easily bend closer to the handle, making them more flexible. Fast action rods are firmer and bend at the far end of the blank.

Fast-action rods are a great option when using heavier baits of fishing at a dense vegetation place. On the other hand, slow action rods are a great option when using lighter baits or when the fish species have weaker mouths, which can easily tear out of the hook.…