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In-home senior care is a practice that focuses on providing personal companions and attendants on a 24 hour, seven days in a week or on an hourly basis to people who can no longer take care of themselves.

Senior CareAs people age, it’s true that it becomes a challenge at some point to perform basic activities such as bathing, feeding and dressing thus prompting an urge to assist them.There is currently a list of companies started aimed at offering these services at a cost. This cost varies from one organization to another depending on the scope of work involved.

Services offered in senior home care companies
  • Bathing-people who can not perform this basic practice are well taken care of by professional caregivers to make sure that they remain neat and fresh.
  • Feeding-quality food is given by caregivers to people who suffer from this condition by making sure that they totally clear the allocated portions on time.
  • Transfer-elderly people with walking or mobility problems are assisted under these programmes enabling them move from one point to another without complications. They achieve this by introducing wheelchairs to the patients.
  • Dressing-this service is aimed at ensuring that the elderly are properly clothed during the time they spend in these senior home care programmes.
  • Reading and writing- senior caregiver personnel assists clients with reading and writing problems. They achieve this by for example helping them to understand the contents of water and electricity bills.
Home help services offered by senior home care programmesSenior Care 03
  • Bed making – keeping your bed neat and tidy is an important activity when it comes to bedroom matters. This service is, therefore, provided to make sure that untidy bed sheets are regularly replaced with clean ones and on time.
  • Garbage Removal- for a home to have better cleanliness standards, proper garbage disposal is an exercise that should always be considered. senior caregivers have garbage trucks that move from home to home picking up waste materials.
  • Laundry- Dirty clothes, curtains and bedding that require washing are cleaned by the use of washing machines.
  • Vacuuming-unkempt and dirty carpets are also taken care of in this programme by the use of modern vacuum cleaners available in the market.
  • Shopping- home senior caregivers deliver shopping to their clients who can’t visit malls and supermarkets for various reasons.
  • Furniture dusting- products made to clean, dust, shine, protect and revitalize wood floors and furniture are used under this programmes to ensure general home cleanliness.

Senior Care 02Other home caregiving services include; meal preparation, monitoring diet and eating habits, preparation of grocery lists, companionship, appointment arranging, weather awareness, planning outings, incidental transportation and arranging for newspaper and periodical deliveries.

Home senior care is the best way of showing gratitude and concern to people in our society.

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