Key Features of Koglen Lamps

hanging lamp

Proper lighting creates that type of ambience that induces good feelings within the room. Koglen lamps are iconic lamps that create an unmistakable distinct look in any room. The lamp’s design is unique and impressive. Besides the iconic design, there are many other incredible features that these lamps offer. Some of them are discussed bellow.

Features of Koglen Lamps

Different Sizes and Colorshanging bulb

The lamp is available in various sizes and diverse colors. Some of the colors available include copper brown, stainless steel, and white. The copper edition is one of the most attractive and it’s the one that you find in most homes. The sizes include 48, 60, 72 and 84 cm. As such, it makes it easy for interested persons to select one that blends perfectly the design of your home.

Size 48 is the smallest in the market. It aims to suit the needs of homeowners with both small and large rooms. Moreover, size 60 is the most common as it also fits most homes and business establishments such as small banking halls, shopping malls, and retail centers. Size 72 can be used in high ceiling homes, business lounges and in big business halls. Other than providing high-quality lighting, it is quite attractive and adds to the aesthetic beauty of the property. Size 80 is the largest and can be used in private homes. It is high in energy dependency and can be used in banks, business premises, and large institutions.

Koglen lamp Cannot Be Eclipsed by Ordinary Light

Koglen lamp cannot be blinded by light, regardless of your viewing angle. Some screens cover the entire area of bright light, and this works towards ensuring that its only enough light for the whole room which is reflected. The available blades provide unique direction that the light is taking. It ensures there is uniform lighting in all areas of the room.

100% HandcraftedLamp

This is one of the few handmade lamps that are available in the market today. All its leaves are manually checked, and this explains the design process that went into it and the overall aesthetics, which the lamp offers. The features of Koglen lamp are synonymous of an architectural classic that is never equal with another. A rare icon can be distinguished from the pack easily.

You can buy Koglen lamps from a many online stores. After receiving your order, the mode of dispatch might vary depending on the terms and the conditions of the store. However, most sellers have an option of bringing koglen lampe right to your doorstep. It is one of those rare gems in the lighting world that a person of style and class cannot afford missing.…