Satellite Dish Installation

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Many people think that satellite dish installation is a complicated process. However, the truth is far from this. Installing a satellite dish and repairs is not as simple as just connecting television power cables in your house. The technology behind satellite television is not simple too.

The dish antenna is a receiver which receives the signal from the satellite moving in a fixed orbit in the space and transmit it to the television set through which we can see. Satellite dish installation is very important for your satellite TV to work properly. The satellite is located over the equator.

How do you install a satellite dish?

Direction of the dishhome satellite

To start with, if you live in the southern part of the world, then your dish antenna should be facing north at an angle of 30-60 degrees according to your region and vice-versa if you live in the northern hemisphere. Big trees or buildings can disrupt the signal of the satellite, so a clear view of the sky is needed for proper function of the device.

Get the right coordinates

Find the right co-ordinates by connecting the receiver to your television set., then check the menu where certain numbers will be shown on the TV screen which is actually the coordinates in which the dish has to be moved such as left / right up or down for crystal clear picture and sound quality.

Fix the mount

The mount which comes with the set has to be fixed properly as it has to bear the total weight of the dish which will be fixed to the mount for doing this you may use wood or different types of screws according to the type of surface you are fixing the mount.

Attach the dish onto the LNB arm

Attach the dish onto the LNB arm and connect it with the coaxial cable which should be extra by two feet and greased so that it could easily pass through the LNB arm. Mast and connect with the required ground system which should be grounded so that it does not incur damage during lightning.

Aerial Tuninghome satellite

Fine tune the signal which you receive for the best sound and picture quality and this sums up the Satellite Antenna Installation.

Once you are done, clean up everything used during the process. The new satellite dish is now fully functional. Obviously, providers work hard to ensure customers are satisfied so there would be a means of getting any needed technical or customer support. Satellite dish installation is not difficult so you can do it on your own.…